Gamers on the Street: The buddy system

Gamers on the Street logs onto U.S. servers to get the word from the front on what’s going on in and around the World of Warcraft.

WoW Insider‘s Zach Yonzon posted an intriguing Breakfast Topic yesterday: Who’s your favorite playing partner? Readers seemed to enjoy chiming in with a tip of a hat to their own partners in crime. Suspecting that perhaps WoW Insider readers are a particularly chatty and friendly bunch, we wondered what we’d find if we logged in over the lunch hour to chat with random players going about their city business.

So we logged into Khaz Modan, a PvE realm, where we were lucky enough to run into three friendly players who each have their own ways of sharing World of Warcraft (and no, it’s not just about progression with a guild of folks you’ve met in game!). We dodged the gold-sellers in Stormwind’s main square to bring you their stories.

Chiecko: Level 18 Dwarf Hunter <Wycked Wonders>
We visited first with Chiecko, a young-sounding player who plays most often on a level 42 character with a friend he met in game.

Gamers on the Street: So Chiecko, who’s your favorite person to play with in WoW?

Chiecko: guidoman hes my freind

Have you always played WoW together? Did you start characters at the same time?

no we did not start characters together but we do play WoW together

So you’re about the same level, then?

no hes lvl 70

So does he play an alt with you, or does he help run you through stuff?

whats alt

A lower-level character, another one besides his level 70.

no he only has 2 lvl 70s

Are you friends in real life, or did you meet in WoW?

we met in the gam

And he helps you out when he’s online?

yea kinda

Stevey: Level 41 Night Elf Priest <The ravens>
We thought we were looking at a similar relationship when we started talking with Stevey – but then he revealed the secret identity of his favorite playing partner.

Gamers on the Street: Who’s your favorite person to play with these days?

Stevey: Ravenfeather

And who is that? A friend, relative, guildmate …?

Relative and guildmate.

Did you two start out together?


Do you normally always play together, as in you try to level at the same pace?

No, not anymore. Right now, my other ‘toon is higher … but who knows for how long?

So what keeps you and Ravenfeather playing together?

She lives with me.

A couple that enjoys playing together! Very cool. Has she played games before WoW?

Not a couple – I’m the parent. LOL And not too many games before WoW.

What do you two like to do together in game?


Awesome. How old is she, if you don’t mind my asking?


So you two are leveling together?

Yeah, we each have different ‘toons around the same level.

Any differences in what you each like to do or how you approach things?

Yeah, she worries about style and I think function on armor. LOL

Kapshira: Level 70 Human Mage <Maelstrom>
As it turns out, keeping things all in the family is pretty common.

Gamers on the Street: So who’s your usual playing partner in WoW?

Kapshira: I play a lot with my husband in RL. His name is Kozar; he is our guild leader in Maelstrom. πŸ™‚

Very cool. Had you gamed together prior to WoW?

I had never gamed prior to WoW πŸ™‚ EVER. This is my first experience with a game like this.

Well, it’s sure a great place to start! Do you guys play mostly in guild events and groups, or do you do some couples questing and such or even have some alts?

We do all of the above, really. πŸ™‚ This afternoon, where we live is bad weather, so we are going to quest before our raid tonight, which is with another guild.

It’s great to share a hobby like this. So how long have you played?

I think I have played just over a year. Can’t wait for the expansion!

So what do you like most about the whole playing WoW with your husband thing? Do people ever think you’re crazy for playing a game like this?

We have a lot of people like us in our guild. Honestly, my husband has been a gamer for years. I started because it was something he liked to do.

And got sucked in, huh?

I like the fact that we spend time together doing something we both LOVE . A lot of our friends in RL play. That makes it fun. We can talk about it with our friends.

It sounds like you all have found a great way to have fun together. Nice talking to you, and good gaming!


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